What to wear for your next flight

When travelling it's the perfect balance of comfort and style one tries to strike.

Putting together the perfect outfit is no easy feat especially when having to factor in the many variables; altering air cabin temperatures, destination climate, the time of departure and arrival, and the type of holiday one is about to experience, all whilst trying to retain ones sense of style. 

Thankfully I have taken the guess work out of pulling an outfit together for your next flight.

What to Wear When Flying Long Distance

1. Jacket

This outerwear piece is the quickest way to look très chic and increase the chances of an airplane upgrade. I advise to opt for a longline jacket as it generally the easiest piece to layer with, opt for a light weight fabric if travelling to a warm climate and a thick wool blend if travelling to a cooler destination. Shop the perfect longline jacket here.


2. Long cardigan or sweater

Six-hour flights and above involve long hours of sitting in an aeroplane cabin. A long cardigan or knitted sweater will give you warmth when the temperature drops in your cabin. Shop our perfect length and weight sweater here.


3. T-shirt  

The perfect staple item to layer on top of, the number of layers will be completely dependant on your tolerance to the cold experienced in an aeroplane cabin. Shop the luxuriously soft travel T-shirt here.


4. Scarf 

When it comes to air travel, a scarf or pashmina has a dual function. With the right size, texture and design, it will make you look smart, fend off the chill and keep germs at bay. Shop our go-to travel scarf here.

5. Pants or jeans 

Pants with maximum stretch that allow you to move with room and comfort, think super soft denim jeans, harem trousers, leggings and palazzo pants. Shop our soft, stretchy, ridiculously comfortable jeans here.


6. Comfortable shoes

For some, comfortable shoes are sneakers, for others, it may be soft leather flats that can be easily slipped off so you can slip on a pair socks once aboard the aeroplane. Shop our ultra comfortable Italian leather sneakers here, our winter boots here, or our perfect Summer time slides here.


Happy flying!



The Style Editeur